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Meet everyone's taste with welas Speisewürze


In our taste buds are about 50-100 sensory cells that ensure that humans can perceive and evaluate different taste qualities. Accordingly, it is not so easy to find exactly the right taste. The chances of doing so are like winning the lottery. But no – not with the food seasoning from wela! The seasoning allows you to refine any dish and give the meal the final spice. Meet the taste of all your dishes with a few drops of seasoning. Don't waste a lot of time trying to generate the optimal flavor with hundreds of spices. Often this is only time-consuming and/or nerve-racking. This is now over! Try the food spices from wela and experience it yourself! Simple, fast and delicious!

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Naturally delicious!

The edible würze is made from valuable protein;containing vegetable raw materials. It therefore offers not only taste, but also appealing qualitative advantages! It is also suitable for allergy sufferers, because it is gluten-free, yeast-free, lactose-free and contains no added glutamate. Do not endanger your health, but still do not give up anything! Thanks to the food seasoning of wela this is possible.
But the food seasoning is not only for allergy sufferers a real gold find, also for a conscious diet, it should not be missing in any household cupboard. The Speisewürze is nämlich a cholesterol-conscious food, without iodized salt, purinarm and additionally for Diäten suitable.
Also the vegan Lifestyle does not stand it in the way, since in the Speisewürze no animal products are processed!


Welas Speisewürze – Why you should not be missing in any cabinet:


Are you also tired of keeping hundreds of spices in your cupboard that only take up space but don't add any flavor to your dishes? Save yourself the money, space and nerves and just use the food spices from wela! The seasoning is an absolute all-rounder and can be used universally in every kitchen. Whether in soups, sauces, stews, vegetable pans or other dishes, the seasoning glows in almost every meal! With the seasoning you will not only please your palate, but also your wallet will be happy, because the seasoning is not only of high quality, it is also inexpensive. So you must not be missing in any spice cabinet!


Convenient shopping – Convenient cooking!

The edible spice is wela's secret recipe and the basis of wela's many brews, soups and sauces! Refine every meal with the delicious flavors of the seasoning! Generate delicious dishes that lack nothing – Quick, easy and delicious!
You can choose between different fill quantities of seasoning and thus adjust the order to your individual consumption. Order the food spices or many other products quite relaxed at a click from your home. No hectic rushes in the supermarket, no long queues or other inconveniences that shopping requires nowadays! Save your valuable time and order today the unique and distinctive food seasoning in our online store.
The wela food seasoning will be delivered within a few days directly to your door, in handy glass bottles with resealable closure and a convenient dispensing opening to facilitate the dosage. Use wela's spices for yourself and surprise your guests and your own palate with delicious, spicy dishes. Discover this product and many other items in our online store, easy, relaxed and übersichtlich!