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Cream of vegetable soups

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The vegetable soup – healthy and delicious!

The range of wela soups is enormous! Whether for allergy sufferers, vegetarians, vegans or the meat lover: für every palate there is something. Highly recommended is our wela vegetable soup. It is perfect for gourmet friends who want to eat healthy with a quick cup of delicious soup. Whether in your spare time or for a little wellness in the Büro, with the Gemüsecremesuppe you are optimally supplied. With unhusked 3-seeded vegetables, rich vegetable ingredients, as well as rapeseed, linseed and sunflower oil, you give your dishes a delicious vegetable flavor with natural raw materials and selected spices. With just under 60% vegetables, such as potatoes, peas, onions, leeks and carrots, the vegetable cream soups offer a healthy and delicious meal for in between or as „main act“ on the table!

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The wela Gemüsecreme soup is vegan, gluten- as well as lactose-free and without additional glutamate. In addition, the vegetable cream soup is a cholesterol-conscious food and low in calories. Accordingly, with the wela vegetable soup you also do not violate strict „Diät rules“ and you can feast with a clear conscience!


Cream soup – The starring role in your everyday life!

The Gemüsecremesuppe is an absolute all-rounder and should not be missing in any household. Optimal as an appetizer, but also for the main course you can score with the delicious Gemüsecremesuppe with your Gästen or your own palate! Thanks to the simple preparation and the small expenditure of time the vegetable cream soup is excellently suitable for rounding off a stressful working day. Without much effort you can conjure up a tasty and high-quality meal with the wela vegetable soup powder. Don't get your legs sore in the kitchen and use your free and valuable time with something more pleasant! Also in between, for example as an afternoon snack, against the small hunger is the wela Gemüsecremesuppe vorzüglich suitable.


In addition to the classic vegetable cream soup, you will find in our assortment other vegetable cream soup varieties, such as the wela potato-ginger soup, the wela asparagus cream soup, potato cream soup, wela broccoli soup, wela tomato soup, wela fine wild mushroom cream soup and much more.


Cream soup – just enjoy!

Enjoy the vegetable cream soup pure or with ingredients such as rice, pasta, grated croutons, grated Parmesan cheese or fresh herbs! But also for thickening vegetable soups or stews, the vegetable cream soup is ideal. Add the vegetable cream soup powder to your dish and give it the final spicy touch. Surprise yourself, your palate or your guests and enjoy the delicious benefits of vegetable cream soup!


Gemüsecremesuppe – Flattering palate and Portmonais!

However you prüsecremesuppe, with it always offer varied and köstliche meals.
The wela soups products come to you bottled in cans or glass containers; well sealed, easy to open and reseal. Choose between different filling quantities and packaging sizes so you can tailor your purchase to your individual consumption. No hectic scrambling in the supermarket, no long lines at the checkout; save yourself this inconvenience and order your vegetable soup conveniently and safely to your home! Not only your palate will be pleased, but also your wallet can be flattered with our offers. Find a wide variety of our high quality products at an amazing offer. This makes our vegetable cream soup and much more not only tasty, but also affordable!