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Soup Pastes

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Wela Soup Pastes - Precious Taste for Various Sauces and Soups


Particularly among gourmets and hobby chefs our Wela pastes are very popular and well-known because of their excellent taste . The number one soup paste offers a wide range of different flavors for every occasion and dish. For those who like to eat soups especially in the cold season, our vegetable soup tastes pure. As a pre-soup for hearty menus, or as a crispy snack, our spicy goulash soup with meat is excellent. The basis for soups, stews and sauces you create with the crispy Wela Gemüse Bouillon, because it gives a crispy bouillon note. You can also use our pastes as a popular drinking broth, here also tastes the beef broth with a hearty meat flavor or the poultry gel paste which has a milder taste. It is also suitable for seasoning and refining noble poultry dishes such as a hearty duck or goose. To a festive beef roast, the beef bouillon Pur is suitable for refining.


All our Wela pastes - sustainable and environmentally conscious


Whichever of our fine Wela pastes you choose, all of our products are packaged in a recyclable, resealable jar. This saves you a lot of waste that would be incurred if you used the individual Fix products. Our pastes are also very economical, you can prepare 1/4 liter of soup with about 1 teaspoon of paste. Our best-selling products from  "Wela Gold" überzeugen furthermore by a first-class qualityät since it consists of pure vegetable ingredients.

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