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Sauce powder

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Wela für Bolognese Soße to various pasta dishes


Our powder for delicious Italian spaghetti Bolognese is enough for about 3.3 liters of sauce. The sauce powder is purely vegetable and vegetarian. You can use it to make lasagna, cannelloni and soufflés. Depending on your taste, you can prepare our Wela sauce powder with cheese, herbs or vegetables.

Wela Fix Nudelgerichte im Suppen.Shop: Bolognese, Lasagna, Aufläufe


Wela instant roasting sauce for meat dishes


For meat lovers, the instant gravy sauce powder should not be missing in any kitchen. With the sauce powder you can create delicious sauces for roast pork or beef, but also to mutton and game roasts it fits perfectly. Our universal sauce powder can be refined with beer, red wine or white wine and with cream. If you already cook according to old recipes, you can add your own touch with the sauce powder. Our sauce powder is enough for about 2 liters.

Roasting sauce Wela for meat dishes


Wela fine sauce pure vegetable


Our pure vegetable so;e enjoys great popularity among environmentally conscious people. Even for those who need to watch cholesterol or lactose, the sauce powder comes more and more in the kitchen. You can use the sauce powder for any meat dishes, it is tastefully combined with almost all meat dishes.


Pure vegetable sauce powder


Wela light cream sauce for fine roast beef


If you are a gourmet among kitchens and like to prepare fine beef and veal roasts, or other braised meat dishes, the sauce powder is perfect for strengthening an already existing sauce. You can also simply add the sauce powder to add a more intense flavor to your dish. With a few liters of powder, mixed in water, is a delicious sauce on the stove.


WELA Light Cream Sauce for Roast Beef at the Soup.Shop


Wela Gourmet Käseso;e Allgäuer Art 

For our pasta lovers, the sauce powder Käsesoße Allgäuer Art is ideal.  It yields 1.4 liters of the most delicious sauce;e for pasta bakes, Käsespätzle or spaghetti in Käsesoesser. The sauce powder can be combined very well with mushrooms, leeks, ham, seafood or au gratin. The sauce powder is simply prepared with milk and water and enhances any pasta dish.


Wela Gourmet Käsesauce Allgäuer Art bei Suppen.Shop


Wela Gourmet to Geflügel

Wela Gourmet sauce powder allows you to create an unforgettably delicious sauce for chicken dishes and fried poultry. It gives a full-bodied taste to grilled varieties without meat content or to extend existing sauces. The sauce powder is quick and easy to use and is sufficient for 2.25 liters of sauce.


Soße to Geflügel of Wela-Trognitz only with us in the Suppen.Shop


Wela Gourmet Tomato Soap for easy quick meals


Many children like simple dishes. Our tomato sauce powder is perfect for this. You can use it to create quick and easy dishes that taste good to almost everyone, like noodles in tomato sauce. The sauce powder also goes wonderfully with fish or rice dishes. The full-fruity tomato flavor of the so;enpulver provides young and old für Gaumenfreuden.


Wela tomato sauce for quick dishes


Wela instant light sauce für vegetables

When asparagus season is upon us, our light sauce powder comes in handy. You can combine it best with vegetables like cauliflower, meat or meatballs. To refine it, horseradish, capers, mustard, white wine or lemon juice is delicious. The powder must be stirred only in boiling water – ready to eat.


Helle Soße für Gemüse von WELA Trognitz im Suppen.Shop


Wela jägerso;e instant with mushrooms

This spicy sauce powder is very popular for meat dishes from the pan. It has a special flavor, which gives game and ragout a particularly good taste. The sauce powder also tastes great with side dishes such as pasta or dumplings. The Soßenpulver is enough for 2 liters of tasty Soße with first-class mushrooms.


Wela Jägersauce Jägersoße instant with mushrooms


Wela to roast pork


The classic dish is the roast pork as from grandma's kitchen. This crispy brown sauce powder with a subtle taste of marrow should not be missing in any household. You can prepare it with already existing sauce or simply mix it with water and boil it. The sauce powder is enough for 2.75 liters.


Instantsauce für den Schweinebraten beim Suppen.Shop!