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A culinary journey with our Süßspeisen


Sometimes it just has to be something sweet. Our tasty Süßspeisen are not only suitable as a dessert after a perfect Gänge Menü. You can also enjoy our desserts as a small snack when you need to go fast. Also for vegetarians or people who d like to enjoy a healthy snack, our pudding powder is very suitable Verwöhnen you and your guests with our quick and easy recipes. You will surely be rewarded with much appreciation for our "like homemade" pudding.

Our pudding is versatile


It is also excellent as a filling for cakes, such as a Schwarzwälder Kirsch, as a base in a fine fruit cake such as strawberry cake or banana cake, or as a decorative dessert in hübschen Gläsern as a cream dessert abgefüllt. Our pudding can also be used to conjure up various dessert creations, such as a semolina-vanilla pudding casserole on a baking sheet or doughnuts, which are not only delicious at carnival time and taste even juicier with pudding powder. There is guaranteed something for every taste, because the delicious dessert is available with bourbon vanilla or fine, noble chocolate flavor. We offer our pudding in large, resealable storage tins, which are sufficient for about 44 servings. So you always have enough on hand. You need about 90 grams of pudding powder for 1 liter of milk. Our pudding is quick and easy to prepare for everyone. You bring milk to the boil, stir in powder and ready is a delicious healthy milk meal, which is especially popular with the little ones. You can enjoy the pudding hot or cold. Depending on the occasion for which you have prepared it.

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