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Organic & Diet


Who pays attention to his health, finds with us the right selection and quality


We at the soup store make sure that you find exactly what you are looking for. That means: We offer real organic products that are environmentally friendly, from ökologischem cultivation and without synthetic chemical Pflanzendüngern or Kunstdüngern were grown. Whether a sauce Hollandaise, a vegetable broth or a clear chicken broth. Also for vegans we have the right products in the assortment. You will find vegan roast fix products, but also various liquid seasonings such as onion and salad herbs. In addition, we offer in our store various diet products or lactose-free soups. In today's time the trend is also more and more to vegan, so free of animal products. You will find with us in the soup store also here at großer selection fündig.

A diet does not always mean abandonment

A diet means changing your body to a healthy, low-calorie diet. Often this has health reasons. Sometimes, however, it is simply to lose a few pounds. Many people have to make sure that their diet is gluten-free or lactose-free. It is not always easy to find the right products. We, from the soup store, have in our assortment various soups and sauces that meet exactly such expectations, such as the healthy cauliflower-broccoli cream soup, Chinese vegetable soup or a delicious Bärlauchcremesuppe. Also your sauces can be refined with our Wela products, such as the roast sauce, meat sauce or Bolognese sauce. Our Wela vegetable broth can be very well integrated into a diet plan as a snack good. Whether in the stressful workday or at home, it is quickly prepared, tastes aromatic and makes the small hunger disappear very quickly.

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