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Mixture - rowan, 280 g

Product Description: Vogelbeere Approach Mixture, 280 g

The Vogelbeere Approach Mixture is a high-quality blend of natural ingredients that is specially formulated to attract birds to your garden. This bird feed contains a variety of seeds, nuts, and fruits, including the popular Vogelbeere berries. These berries are known to attract a wide range of birds, including finches, thrushes, and blackbirds.

The 280 g pack is perfect for those who want to attract birds to their garden or balcony, but do not have a lot of space or want to avoid big bags of bird feed. The mixture is easy to use and can be scattered on the ground or placed in bird feeders.

The Vogelbeere Approach Mixture is free from additives and preservatives and is suitable for all seasons. It is also a great way to support the local wildlife and enjoy the beauty of birds in your garden or balcony.

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