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Our Droppi cold drinks - popular with young and old


There are 100 reasons why choosing our Droppi cold drinks is worthwhile. Not only because they taste delicious, but also for environmentally conscious people this is the ideal solution. Our drink is packaged in a resealable can and lasts about 5 liters. You save by the Vorratspackung länke lug boxes and bring back deposit bottles, because it can be prepared simply with cold water. Thus, you can prepare our powder always and everywhere inexpensively and quickly, in a beautiful glass carafe. Due to the different flavors, it is especially popular with children. It is available with fruity woodruff flavor or as an iced tea, as you know it from earlier, with peach or lemon flavor.


Our cocoa powder - enjoy hot; or cold

Many childhood memories are associated with our Wela Trognitz cocoa powder. Whether you want to enjoy the cocoa on hot summer days iced or in a hot cup in the morning, the tasty drink is best with 3.5 percent milk. Also our cocoa powder is supplied in a resealable can to avoid unnecessary plastic waste. The can is enough for about 7.5 liters of fine cocoa.


Beverage powder - high-yield, environmentally conscious and inexpensive


The advantages of a drink powder are obvious. You get with us the quality of the brand Wela Trognitz, at an unbeatable price with best taste. Our beverage powders are very economical, you need only a few cubes of the powder to make a large quantity of cold drinks. Moreover, the storage can save you many unnecessary trips to beverage stores, because our tasty powder is easy to enjoy with cold water.

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